Duck River Raceway Park feature results

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Logan McClanahan picked up his second Mini Cup feature win of the 2019 season.
Photos by Kim Griggs

Duck River Raceway Park feature results

Saturday, April 6

Top 10

David Brannon took home the feature win for the Durrence Layne 604 Crate Late Model division.

604 Crate Late Model

1. David Brannon

2. Shannon Davis

3. Shawn Mitchell

4. Mark Dalton

5. David Jackson

6. Henry Hanger

7. Rudder Harper

8. Josh Hale

Trace Underwood took home the Pure Stock feature victory.

Pure Pony

1. Trace Underwood

2. Freddie Smith

3. Jason James

4. Josh Nichols

5. Travis Yoes

6. Scott West

7. Jackie Hentz

8. Dylan Baus

9 .Tommy Bond, Jr

10. Jeremy Baus

Allen Carter won his first Durrence Layne Street Stock feature of 2019 season at Duck River Raceway Park.

Street Stock

1. Allen Carter

2. Mark Haddon

3. Taylor Clark

4. Kevin Whaley

5. Brian Hudson

6. Steve Hadley

7. Will Hanger

8. Scott West

9. Noel Bailey

10. Will Burke

Matt Odeneal earned his Limited Late Model feature race victory after losing his brakes while battling it out with Christian Hanger and Scott Cook.

Two Barrel

1. Matt Odeneal

2. Scott Cook

3. Todd Minner

4. Jeff Walker

5. Justin Weaver

6. Peyton Cagle

7. Matthew Summers

8. Justin Maxwell .

10. Justin Taylor 3

The Dwarf division feature winner Anthony Hardison is all smiles in victory lane.


1. Anthony Hardison

2. Dustin Hall

3. Dylan Hall

4. Eric Mangrum

5. Rodney Hall

6. Will Uzzell

7. Kris LaFever

Mini Cup

1. Logan McClanahan

2. Kaity Chumbley

Fred Prosser won his second Mod Lite feature in back to back visits.

Mod Lite

1. Fred Prosser

2. Hunter Sanders

3. Kyle Davidson

4. Austin Cagle

5. Michael Brown

6. Bruce Davidson

Clint Carter visited winner's circle after winning his Pure Stock feature event.

Pure Stock

1. Clint Carter

2. Chris Ruth

3. Jeff Beechum

4. Josh Bondurant