Monday, May 6, 2019

Over 34 years ago, Barry Manilow started a established scholarships at music programs across the country to provide music students with a top-notch education. Some years later, he learned that even well funded school districts were under funding music programs and even cutting budgets that would ultimately erase band from schools. The Manilow Music foundation supports music education by providing programs with the instruments they need to survive and thrive.

The MCHS Band is quickly growing, and is already outgrowing their instrument inventory. There are many students that will not have an instrument to play in the band next year, which could result in that student quitting band. We believe that music education should be for every student that wants to participate, regardless of skill. With the circumstances, however, we will be forced to turn students away.

We are asking for your help, Marshall County! The MCHS Band has entered for a chance to be awarded $100,000 in instruments through the Manilow Music Foundation. Visit our Facebook page, Marshall County High School Band @MCHSBandTN, or our Twitter page, @MCHSBandTN, like and follow us there, and you will get the latest updates on the band and be able to see how you can help. Here is a short version of how you can help: Visit our Facebook or Twitter page; click on the YouTube video titled: A Plea to Play - Marshall County High School, and watch the video (you will see the Superintendent and a principal talking about the program!); follow the link in the description and vote for us! As stated, the instruments we receive from this will make your MCHS Band better all around, and will afford us the opportunity to spend fundraised money on experiences for the students in the band.

You can vote up to once per week. Share this with your friends and family. Your support is greatly appreciated.