Tigersí season ends in 1-2 postseason

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Colton Barber finished up his career with the Tigers by throwing three shutout innings of relief in Marshall Countyís season-ending, 6-3 loss to Murfreesboro Central Magnet School in Sundayís District 12-AA Tournament loserís bracket game.
Tribune photos by Anthony S. Puca

Thursday, May 2

At Murfreesboro Central Magnet School

Marshall County 000 000 X-0 6 4

MCM 440 011 0-10 8 0

Marshall County: Peyton Graves 2-for-3, Thomas Beardsley 2-for-3, Preston Shelton 1-for-3, Tristan Griggs 1-for-3.


Team LOB: 6


E: Walker Whaley 2, Colton Barber, Ryan Kirby.

LP: Austin Grubbs.

MCM: Matthew McDaniel 2-for-2, Stephen Laird 2-for-3, Dawson Massengale 2-for-3, Dawson Massengale 2-for-3, CJ Campbell 1-for-3, Porter Hendrixson 1-for-3.

BB: Patrick Norman 2, Campbell, McDaniel, Laird, Massengale.

RS: Campbell 3, Laird 3, McDaniel 2, Norman, Hendrixson.

2B: Hendrixson, Laird.

RBI: Massengale 2, McDaniel 2, Hendrixson 2, Laird 2.

ROE: Patrick Jones, Campbell.

FC: Dalton Jenkins 2.

HBP: McDaniel, Hendrixson.

SB: Laird 2, Campbell.

CS: McDaniel.


Team LOB: 4

WP: Brady Sengkounmany.

Save: Matthew Fleischman.

Preston Shelton led the Tigers with a .343 batting average and 24 RBIs for the season.

Sunday, May 5

At Nolensville

Community 012 000 0-3 2 1

Marshall County 100 000 3-4 7 4

Community: Will Reed 1-for-4, Chris Martin 1-for-2.

BB: Adam Patterson 2, Chris Land, Evan Petrie, Ethan Greer, Chris Martin.

RS: Jacob Cooper, Gage Underwood, Tyler Bolden.

RBI: Evan Petrie

SAC: Brennan Sanders, Dillon Norris.

ROE: Cooper.

FC: Petrie, Land, Martin.

HBP: Sanders, Cooper.

GIDP: Reed.

SB: Bolden.

PIK: Sanders.


Team LOB: 6


E: Sanders.

LP: Jackson Bailey.

Marshall County: Peyton Graves 2-for-3, Thomas Beardsley 2-for-3, Mitchell Ford 1-for-3, Preston Shelton 1-for-3, Colton 1-for-1.

BB: Peyton Graves, Shelton, Ford, Zack Graves.

RS: Peyton Graves 2, Ford, Barber.

2B: Peyton Graves.

3B: Ford.

RBI: Ford 2, Shelton.

FC: Ford, Zack Graves, Griggs.

HBP: Zack Graves.

PIK: Ford.


Team LOB: 6


E: Ryan Kirby 3, Walker Whaley.

DP: Hunter Haurez, Kirby, Shelton.

WP: Walker Whaley (7IP, 2H, 3R, 0ER, 4K, 6BB).

Sunday, May 5

At Nolensville

Marshall County 000 021 0-3 6 3

MCM: 301 200 X-6 5 1

Marshall County: Mitchell Ford 1-for-3, Preston Shelton 1-for-4, Zack Graves 1-for-3, Tristan Griggs 1-for-4, Ryan Kirby 1-for-1, Colton Barber 1-for-2.

BB: Ryan Kirby 2, Ford, Barber, Caleb McElhaney.

RS: Zack Graves, Kirby, JW Beasley.

2B: Graves.

RBI: Ford, Peyton Graves, McElhaney.

HBP: Zack Graves.


Team LOB: 9


E: Kirby, Shelton, Whaley.

LP: Zack Graves.

Murfreesboro Central Magnet: Patrick Jones 1-for-4, CJ Campbell 1-for-4, Patrick Norman 1-for-4, Dawson Massengale 1-for-2.

BB: Matthew McDaniel, Porter Hendrixson, Massengale, Gage Swanson.

RS: Campbell 2, Jones, Norman, McDaniel, Hendrixson.

3B: Campbell.

RBI: Laird 2, Campbell, Massengale.

ROE: Campbell 2, McDaniel.

FC: Norman, Jones.

HBP: Swanson, Hendrixson.

SB: Swanson, McDaniel, Hendrixson.

CS: Swanson.


Team LOB: 6


E: Dalton Jenkins.

WP: Jacob Moore.