Tribune changing to better serve Marshall County

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Marshall County Tribune will open a new chapter in its 120-year history this month.

Starting on May 30, the Tribune will begin publishing once per week on Thursdays instead of the current Wednesday and Friday editions.

Readers will still receive the same coverage of local news, sports, and people that they’ve come to expect, simply in one package instead of two.

If anything, the change offers an opportunity to cover the stories and people of Marshall County in more depth and in different ways.

“We are now living in a time when digital media has become the fastest and most timely avenue to keep our readers up to date with breaking news,” said Regional Publisher Shelia Rouse. “It’s a delicate balance to provide our audience with printed keepsakes for scrapbooks, memories, and tangible editions to pass down for generations and also give them the latest technology in digital media.”

The Tribune will roll out a new website design in the coming months and will make more use of the web and social media to keep Marshall County informed.

“The Tribune is an integral part of the community, and we want everyone involved and participating by sharing their stories, photos of kids, animals, friends, and loved ones,” said Rouse.

A once a week schedule will allow more space to cover the important milestones in our reader’s lives such as birthdays, births, weddings, and engagements.

Current subscribers have already had their subscriptions extended so that they will still receive the same number of editions of the Tribune that they signed up for.

For example, a new one-year subscription will have an additional year added to account for the difference in one paper per week instead of two.

Improvements are coming to the other Tribune publication as well.

The Shopper will be published on Tuesdays and will feature more of what readers are looking for over a wider area, thanks to our partnership with the Shelbyville Times-Gazette.

The Tribune is also exploring other avenues to involve their readership.

One addition will be to have readers take photos while on vacation with a print edition of the Tribune. Submitted photos will run in the paper and each submission will receive a one month subscription to the Tribune.

Another idea successful at other papers is a text alert system where those who sign up can receive texts of their choosing through the day, whether they be morning weather forecasts, scores, breaking news, or event notices.

“I’m excited by the change. I think it will enable us to better serve the county,” said Associate Editor Scott Pearson. “Most communities our size are served by weekly newspapers.”

“We appreciate our readers and advertisers for their continued support as we transition to meet the needs of everyone in our community,” said Rouse.