Melba celebrates a century


One special lady in Lewisburg reached a major milestone on Monday, June 1. Very few people have the chance to enjoy a celebration like Melba Blackburn. She celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends.

Melba Twitty grew up near Possum Trot and worked at Heil Quaker where she met Hubert Blackburn, whom she married when she was 23 years old. She worked at Heil Quaker for 39 years, then was employed at the Methodist Day Care for 19 years. She and Hubert had one daughter, Suzanne, who passed away in April, 2018. Melba and Hubert were married for 54 years.

She attends Lewisburg First United Methodist Church where she has been a member for 60 years. Melba loves to read, write poetry, and cook, but she had rather go out and eat. She still buys her groceries but gave up driving at the age of 92. I asked her what is her favorite eating place.

“Just wherever someone will take me. That’s where I will eat,” she said. “I’ll eat anywhere.”

She enjoys watching the Titans play also. Delores Childress told me that she knows not to call her during a Titans game.

“Melba won’t answer the phone if the Titans are playing,” remarked Delores. “I know to call her before or after a game if I want to talk with her.”

I asked Melba what is the secret to live to 100 and what keeps her going.

“Hard work,” she answered. “Well, each day I want to get up and see what will happen during the day. A lot of things are happening these days.”

Melba, as I mentioned earlier, had family and friends with her to celebrate this great occasion. Sherry Willhelm, her granddaughter, and Delaney, her great-granddaughter, along with several friends were in attendance. Josephine Potts, her best friend, visited with her and brought her the beautiful arrangement of flowers that are in the photo with Melba.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Melba. I wish you happy and healthy years ahead.


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