Parade brings smiles to NHC


A long train of cars, motorcycles, and first responders paraded through the parking lots of NHC Lewisburg on Friday afternoon to bring some cheer and a bit of excitement to the facility.

Residents and caregivers, masked and safely spread apart, lined the outside of the building to wave at the family members and well-wishers who drove through to offer encouragement.

Facilities like NHC have been closed by the state to visitors for several weeks as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19.

Actor Leslie Jordan, best known for roles on “Will and Grace” or “American Horror Story”, whose popular Instagram videos during lockdown have pushed his follower count to more than 4.5 million on the social media platform, contributed a video calling for more participants in the parade and celebrating the residents and employees of NHC during this trying time.


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