Letter to the Editor

Tennesseans invited to join Minutemen in protecting borders

Friday, February 23, 2007


I am a conservative Tennessee citizen, just like the nearly 88 percent that voted in the last election to approve an amendment to our Tennessee Constitution defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman. Conservative Tennesseans would like to see our presently elected State and Federal government officials take action and produce results on marriage and other important issues. Other issues; such as securing our jobs, education, health care systems, property, and tax dollars from the insidious effects of illegal foreign nationals in our State and Nation.

At the present rate of immigration, both legal and illegal, there are no long-term good effects to our State or Nation. No beneficial effects to the vast number of Tennessee citizens who poll after poll demonstrate that they are acutely aware of the negative implications of illegal immigration. These effects are so evident that I will not take the time to list them here.

Last September I became a Tennessee Citizen Minuteman who has gone to the Arizona border and seen first hand what is happening there. After the immigrate marches and stop work effort of last summer, I wanted to protest the non action of elected officials to slow the flood of legal immigration and the plague of illegal immigration, so I requested that the company I work for not pay me for a week of vacation. In return I wanted a letter stating how much my decision to not receive pay for those five days cost the government in lost income tax. My thought being; if our elected officials are influenced by the impact to our economy of a few meat packing plants shutting down (because illegal workers took a day off), what would they think if the citizens that they are to represent and defend stopped the flow of tax revenue for a week? But alas it was impossible for the company to not pay me as requested. So I decided to spend a week of vacation on the border with the Minutemen.

Last October two Tennessee Minutemen were in Arizona for a week. We are currently planning to return with 15 to 20 Tennessee volunteers this April and have a presence there for three weeks. We would like to invite all law abiding legal American residents to join us.

I believe the illegal immigration issue and our governments' unwillingness to address it is why many conservative citizens voted for a change last November. Above all, I believe Americans want to preserve our nation's sovereignty, rich history and culture, and the welfare of legal residents. They want to secure the future for themselves, their children, and grand children.

How are your State and Federal elected officials voting on; English first, driver's licenses for illegal immigrates, and voting rights for American citizens only? No, you don't have to be a citizen to vote in our elections. Please help find out if your elected officials have your interests and welfare at heart. And make yourself and your wishes known to them.

Steve Hockett


Thompson Station,TN