Letter to the Editor

Dear Commissioner:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dear Commissioner:

My name is Jared McKnight and I am a proud resident of Lewisburg, Tennessee where I grew up and I truly enjoyed the rural lifestyle.

I am a newlywed and have a child on the way, and I have always dreamed of raising my family here in Marshall County. I want my children to enjoy this wonderful community. As I sit in a far-away, third world country I dream of the day when I can take my kids fishing in the creeks and lakes in my hometown.

I was appalled to read the news on the internet that these very streams could possibly be contaminated, due to seepage from the landfill. I want to thank all of you commissioners by name; Sam Smith, Mickey King, Joe Brandon, Linda Williams Lee, Reynelle Smith, Scotty Porch, Dean Delk, Richard Medley, Seth Warf, Jimmy Stitt, and Phil Willis for voting for an expansion of the landfill that has the potential of polluting the environment in our community.

I have less than a year left in the military and I was planning on returning to Lewisburg, but now out of concern for my family, I am questioning if that's the best thing to do. I hope all of you realize that if the streams become contaminated because of the landfill, or if anyone ever gets sick because of polluted water or soil, the burden will be on your shoulders.

I spent 10 and a half months in Iraq, have made several trips to Mexico, and am now currently spending a year tour in South Korea, so I have seen first hand what polluted water can do to a human being. It really does not sit well with me that my future child may be exposed to such things.

In closing, I would like to ask each of you to take a few minutes and email me ten good reasons why the expansion of the landfill was so important.

While you are considering those reasons think about the impact it will have on my generation, the generation that will take over after your group retires. Will we have to be the ones who bear the burden of cleaning it up, just like your generation had to clean up the old landfill of the sixties?

A Concerned Citizen,

SPC Jared McKnight, Camp Humphrey,

North Korea