Opinion throws landfill in doubt

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Waste Management Inc. must get a vote from the Cornersville Board of Mayor and Aldermen to develop a landfill along Pulaski Highway, according to an environmental law attorney's report to Marshall County commissioners Monday night.

If the report proves accurate it could mean the company's plans to develop a landfill on 595 acres just south of Cornersville might never be realized, assuming the town's aldermen decide the landfill plans don't meet state standards for burial of solid waste. It also assumes that Waste Manage-ment doesn't get a favorable ruling if the plans are judged by Marshall County's chancellor.

A vote against the landfill by Cornersville's board could be seen by county officials as a reason to vote against the landfill.

Cornersville's board has an independent right to decide, said J. Andrew "Drew" Goddard of the Nashville law firm of Bass, Berry & Sims. During his 25 years of practicing environmental law, Goddard represented the Turnbull Utility District, which successfully sued the Tennessee Department of Transportation over State Route 840 construction practices that muddied water in Turnbull Creek, the supply source for the water utility. As a . . . . Pick up a copy of today's edition of the Marshall County Tribune, Wednesday, April 30, 2008 for full coverage.