Mother's day is fast approaching

Thursday, May 8, 2008

To the Editor:

I doubt you will print this letter. You have never printed one I have written. But I thought I'd give it one more try.

Mother's Day is fast approaching. I know you only feature one or two mothers. Which is fine for those mothers. But why not devote a whole section to letters about mother's like your counterpart in Shelbyville? But I guess some people would not approve, right? Oh well, I'm going to try anyways.

This Mother's Day will be my second without my sweet mother. She left this world one month after Mother's Day in 2006. My mother was well known at Lewisburg Hospital. All her girls and boys were just like family to her. And they all treated her like she was a member of their own families. My mom was Essie Mills. She was sick a long time and therefore spent a lot of time in the hospital. The nurses and techs at the hospital and all the ladies at NHC, made my mom's final days peaceful.

But my mom is not the reason I write this letter. As Mother's Day approaches this year. I have been racking my head for a gift for my aunt. My mom's baby sister. She is my last aunt. Yet she has been a strong force for me these last three years.

When I felt I couldn't hold on any longer, as I cared for mama at her home, it was my aunt who propped me up. When I needed to cry, it was my aunt who let me cry. When I had to sign a piece of paper at the hospital to let my mom die with dignity, it was my aunt and uncle who showed up right on time.

Over the last two years, since my mom's death my aunt and I have become a whole lot closer. She has been more than an aunt. She has been my friend.

She still lifts me up when I am down. We still cry together over the loss of our mothers. The best thing I could ever give my aunt, is my thanks for being there for me. No matter what. And for loving me like a mother would.

So if you do print this, I'd like to say, "Happy Mother's Day, Aunt Argie." I love you with all my heart. There is no one like you. For God sent you for He knew how much I would need you someday.

My aunt is Argie Simmons. And if you don't know her, then you have missed knowing a great lady.

Gail Mills Claxton