Letter to the Editor

Letter: Cemetery vandalism unforgiveable

Friday, July 31, 2009

I would like to take advantage of the "Letters to the Editor" space to address the low-life who stole a fish and wind chime left on my husband's grave in Berea Cemetery on Verona Road.

They were placed there as a sign of love and respect for the person who has been interred there. By removing them, you are offending the senibilities of family members at a very sensitive time.

I am trying to imagine what you are doing with both wind chimes from my husband's grave. Did it look good in your yard or on your deck during a family gathering on the holiday weekend? I hope you told your curious guests where the chimes came from. I further hope they didn't choke too badly when they found out.

But then, if you are the kind of person who shops for wind chimes in the cemetery I doubt that you would be honest enough to admit where they came from.

Or are you running your own little business reselling them? It must be making money when you don't have to pay for them. I hope people buying fish and dove chimes are asking where they came from. If a person looks closely, they will see the dove chime was marked.

I know my family are not the only ones who have been offended by your actions. Other families also have been upset by "scavenging" efforts. Do you not realize that people return to a grave site after an internment?

And please don't cultivate the fiction both chimes were removed by a person that mows the grass. They will remove flowers as they fade and wither, usually after a few days -- not wind chimes left within a few hours.

So be advised: when you are caught, there will be a lineup of people ready to deal with you -- and not sympathetically.

Your actions are offensive and unpardonable.

Frances Simmons