Letter to the Editor

Letter: Property tax penalty is silly

Friday, March 12, 2010

To the Editor

As you know, property taxes were due by Feb. 28, which happened to fall on Sunday this year. Like many other taxpayers, I waited to pay my taxes until the last minute, hoping to hold on to my money as long as possible. Since the office of our Marshall County Trustee was closed on Saturday the 27th as well as Sunday the 28th, I thought it would be OK to pay my taxes on Monday the 1st.

Upon trying to pay my taxes, I was told that I would be charged a penalty as well as interest. I was given an envelope already addressed, with a stamp on it, and told to drop it in the mailbox across the street, and then there would be no penalty or interest.

Now let me reiterate: I am standing here in your office to pay my taxes which are due today (or actually yesterday, but you were closed), but if I pay them now they will be late and I will be charged a penalty and interest. But, if instead you give me an envelope addressed BY the Marshall County Trustee's Office TO the Marshall County Trustee's Office, with a stamp already on it, in which to place my check and drop it in the mailbox across the street (meaning that you will not receive them until tomorrow which will happen to be Tuesday), then they will not be late and there will not be a penalty or interest.

Not only does that not make a lick of sense, it is also a waste of taxpayers' money. If 1,000 people were given this same option, that would cost your office $440 in stamps only, not counting the cost of the envelopes. Not a very bright idea - but that is just my opinion.

Jan Yeager