Public records

Friday, January 21, 2011

Marriage License

Casey Wayne Thomen and Samantha Lane Ronewicz.

Business Listings

Horace Sullivan Inc, 465 Humphreys St, Nashville, TN 37201; William's General Service, 1510 Troy Dr, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: William T. Wright.

Land Transfers

Hearthstone S/D, Phase III, Lot 31, $103,500, District 1, from Pamela L. Malinowski to Jacob W. and Rebekah A. Bolton; Mount Vernon Road, 16.98 acres, $12,687.50, District 1, from Mary Alice Sheffield to Angela Cook Haines; Mount Vernon Road, 16.98 acres, $12,600, District 1, from Mary Alice Sheffield to Shannon Sheffield Cook; SB Reese II, Lot 2, 22.80 acres, $193,000, District 2, from William E. and Shelia Saddler to Daniel W. Perkins; Mt. Lebanon Road, 0.65 acres, $30,000, District 2, from Grady A. and Madaline C. B. Smith to Stephen A. and Judy K. Smith; Old Belfast Farmington Road, 2 acres, $300, District 2, from Tommy Higdon Special Commissioner to Chris Eddins; Lincoln Park S/D, Lot 49, $63,500, District 3, from Johnathan W. Fagan and White Fagan Estate to Henry C. and Agnes G. Pendergrass; North Ellington Parkway, 1.51 acres, $565,000, District 3, from Carroll Johnson III to Sound Stage Studios Inc; White Acres S/D2, Lot 23, $65,000, District 3, from Shelia S. S. and James C. Woods to Laura E. and William J. Morefield Jr.; Maplewood S/D, Section 1, Lot 4, $105,000, District 4, from John Mitchell to Austin Holbert, C.W. Osteen, Bobby McDaniel and Cornersville Church of Christ;

Liberty Valley Road, 22.91 acres, $52,800, District 5, from Thomas M. and Sheree L. S. McGee to James R. and Lilly H. Berry; Holly Grove Road, 2 acres, $0, District 8, from Steven A. Hopwood to Teresa Hopwood; Andrews & Pickens S/D, Lots 8, 9, 10, and 11, $4,000, District 3, from Maurice Crutcher to John M. Doherty; Coleman Heights Addition Revised, Lot 4, $14,600, from Wells Fargo Bank NA to Lee Derryberry.