Letter to the Editor

Letter: Cemetery rules are unfair, confusing

Friday, March 25, 2011

To the editor:

Years ago Daddy and Mama paid for lots at Lone Oak Cemetery. Later someone was buried in one of the lots, so they agreed to take different lots.

In March 2002, Daddy was buried. A few days later we noticed his grave had sunk. We were told funeral homes were not allowed to pack graves - the City did it. Thanks to Mr. Duncan, Daddy's grave and several others were packed that day. Who knows when the City would have done it.

Since then numerous things have happened. Just to mention a few: Daddy's Veteran's rock chipped; flowers removed in February; grass we sowed continuously cut into the ground; continued cutting of the wires that hold the saddle on, even after we sprayed around the monument.

Now the powers that be "City Council" dictated new rules that disrespect the dead and are insensitive to their families.

After items were removed sometime before March 11, I spoke with Councilman McRady and realized words and dates mean something entirely different to the "City Council" that they do to us peons.

Resin angels, 3 inches tall, were removed from the vases. How did they interfere with mowing or maintenance? Does someone have a problem with angels?

After hearing about what happened at the March 18 meeting, I feel Councilman McRady's arrogance may have intimidated some of the council members and the mayor.

Why donate money for the cemetery upkeep when we have absolutely no rights? Besides, jail residents do a lot of the work.

Brenda Isley