Letter to the Editor

Letter: Senior Center is really nice

Friday, July 22, 2011

To the editor:

Just by accident, I learned that the City of Chapel Hill had a new Senior Citizens Center located on Depot Street. A lady happened to stop by my garage sale that I was having and mentioned that there was a new center on Depot Street. Otherwise, I would have never known.

So, for the past three weeks I have stopped by the center and met some really nice people. I have to admit that I was surprised too that I looked forward to going the next day and the next. Now I consider myself a regular at the center. It is so nice to walk in be warmly greeted by all.

For those of you that live in and around Chapel Hill, you would be surprised what a nice and welcoming place this is for seniors to meet, visit and catch up on what is happening in Chapel Hill.

There is also a nice hot meal every day for those who want to may partake. And for me they have the latest exercise equipment too that you are free to use. And if you like to play cards or learn to play Rook or Stick there is a group playing cards. But mostly it is nice to meet others in the community, people that you may never think you would have so much in common or enjoy visiting with.

The lady who manages the center, Carol Hale, is the perfect person for the position. She loves people and has the enthusiasm that is needed to make this a place where people looking forward to coming to.

The community has provided this for the seniors. We need more of you to join to make this a success. Come on out and meet some really nice people and stay awhile. I am glad I did and I know you will as well.

Anna Sabilio

Chapel Hill