Letter to the Editor

Hiring decision criticized

Friday, October 14, 2011

To the editor:

At a time when budget cuts are being made right and left to our taxpayer benefits, now Marshall County's Chancery Court judge is costing taxpayers a large sum of money to train someone in the replacement of retired Clerk and Master Tommy Higdon.

Retired Judge Charles Lee [was] serving on an interim basis, but [had] depended on an employee who has worked in that office for nearly 25 years, a resident of Marshall County, and whom Mr. Higdon has trained well, ready and qualified to step into the position.

But did Judge Cox promote her? No! He hired a "probation officer" from Giles County who is not qualified for Chancery Court. I hope Marshall Countians will remember this slap in the face when Judge Cox comes up for re-election! This taxpayer will!

Geraldine Reese