Empowerment through art

Monday, April 24, 2017

At the beginning of the new school year, a small group of Marshall County High School’s finest and brightest seniors are chosen as art mentors for students with moderate disabilities for the entire semester. Throughout the fantastic journey of being an art mentor, these seniors earn the exceptionally wonderful opportunity to develop tolerance, patience, and teaching skills – all while making life-long friends.

Brittany Hill, one of last semester’s art mentors, claims that her favorite part of being a mentor was “being able to inspire the students everyday... [and] most of all... becoming their friend.” She says that it was the “greatest feeling knowing they enjoyed learning something new each day.”

While experiencing the responsibility of being an art mentor, the program provides unforgettable memories for both individuals. The students with moderate disabilities earn an abundance of extravagant opportunities with this helpful program, as well, and benefit emotionally and mentally from the art projects. Similar to the senior art mentors, the students also earn a wonderful life-long friend and teacher.

Next year’s upcoming seniors for the art mentor class were recently chosen. Halle Chapman, one of the mentors selected for the 2017-2018 school year is excited for next year’s class. She cannot wait to “leave a place in their heart that they can take on with them forever.” This year’s seniors have had a lot of fun with the program, and are prepared to pass along their experience to next year’s seniors.

The art mentoring class creates an abundance of fun, helpful activities and projects. Their projects are based on the elements of art. Examples include line, shape, color, and form. Their projects are also based from events in school, such as Homecoming.

The entire semester, they focus primarily on clay and how it works. Throughout the entire semester, both the art mentors and the students study the multiple forms of art found within the various cultures of the world.

Participation in the art mentoring class is a splendid opportunity, since it provides people with an entirely new insight on life. It teaches patience, tolerance, and above all else, compassion. It is an exceptional chance to view life from a different viewpoint, from someone else’s perspective, and understand how they perceive the abundance of aspects that embody life.