Painting parking spaces

Monday, April 24, 2017
Student-painted parking spaces will fade with time, but it gives them a chance to reserve a parking spot for the year and express themselves artistically.
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American education has always existed to prepare students for their future, which includes academic knowledge and dealing with hundreds of people surrounding the student on a daily basis.

A number of people, including parents and teachers, argue that student creativity is often overlooked in the syllabus, arguing that pushing academics is hard when there is nothing to inspire the brain. Students constantly need to be reinvigorated; therefore, instead of waiting for doors of opportunity to open, people need to start prying them open with proverbial crowbars.

The Student Council believed there are a great number of possibilities and solutions to the challenge. The Student Council membersí brainstorming lead to the eventual fundraiser: painted parking spots.

These parking spots could be purchased until April 13, 2017, for $25. Students can choose two days during the summer when teachers have chosen to paint their parking spots. Each student must buy his or her latex-based paint, as any other medium (acrylic and the like) will wash away.

After one year of having the parking spot, students can choose to keep the same spot for $10 or choose to buy a different parking spot for $25. Student Council members will simply paint over any old parking spots with black paint.

There are endless ideas and unique designs students can do for their parking spots. Students could paint flowers, fan-favorite characters, lava lamp patterns, and more. These parking spots could mean a great deal to each student who buys one because it allows them to freely express themselves without worrying about solving equations or writing essays in the process.

Students will be allowed to breathe and enjoy the summer while they paint them with friends who could easily buy parking spaces next to each other. Painted parking spaces allow students to safely express themselves in a school atmosphere while leaving the stressful academic factors out. In addition, all proceeds help fund the Student Council.

This fundraiser should be continuously promoted in coming years, and it deserves to be a staple in student life that is always available. Not every student will want one, of course, but those who desire creativity and strive for uniqueness deserve an opportunity unlike any other.