Major tests put damper on homecoming week

Monday, October 2, 2017
MCHS’s Student Council hung numerous flyers like the one above around the school to showcase and promote the Homecoming’s dress-up days.

School colors, dressing up, powderpuff, and student pride are all synonymous with homecoming week. Unfortunately, ACT and mid-terms might be as well this year. Homecoming happens in either September or October on a home Football game; every other year, the football schedule seems to flip where one season will include many home games and the next one will barely have any home games at all. MCHS is experiencing a dry year and has few spots to place homecoming. Senior sponsors felt that October 6 was the most reasonable day to hold Homecoming, when Marshall County plays Giles County. This Homecoming game will no doubt be filled to the brim with spirited students and family members, yet the week of will contain several large tests that may just “test” the school’s pride.

Homecoming week starts October 2, and on this day the Homecoming Queen will be announced and games will be played in the gym during break. Following Monday to Friday, the dress-up days are: Straight Outta the Jungle (Hip Hop), Tiger Vacation (Tourist), You Play Ball Like a Bobcat (Sports), Tiger Classics (Black & White), and Remember the Tigers (School Spirit Day). The MCHS Homecoming’s overarching idea is based off the drive-in theater. Even with these wonderful dress-up days, Homecoming week might not feel the same for some students as it has in past years. On Tuesday, all seniors will take a mandatory (yet free) ACT test; this will take place at the school and manage to snag half of their entire school day. On the following Wednesday and Thursday, all students will take their mid-terms. Sadly, schools cannot decide when mid-terms take place. Powderpuff, a school favorite, will last only one night instead of two nights.

Rightfully so, many students are upset with this change. Nobody wants to have midterms and an enormous ACT test that could determine what college the test-taker gets attends. Consequently, people are feeling a bit down about it. There is one thing to remember though: the date of the ACT and midterms cannot be changed, but people can choose whether or not they participate in the Homecoming activities. No test or shortened game will stop a student from shouting to his or her full potential, or from dressing up every day, or from even showcasing the student pride every pupil should have. MCHS pride comes through, test or no test.