Celebrating the birthday of the flag

Monday, June 18, 2018

Every year, Marshall County pays tribute to the day by having a public get together hosted by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Robert Lewis Chapter. The ceremony takes place at the very first courthouse in Marshall County known as the Abner Houston Memorial Log Cabin.

June 14 is a designated day by Congress specifically set aside to honor the flag. This year marks the 133rd anniversary of the celebration. To kick off the ceremony, the Lewisburg Police Honor Guard raised the flag moments before Bella Tepedino opened with the singing of the national anthem.

State Representative Rick Tillis delivered a speech reflecting the patriotic occasion. Tillis arranged the flag that was flown over the state capitol recently to be used at the ceremony.

Lewisburg Electric contributed to the celebration by hoisting a 12 x 18 feet flag donated by Tillis, Senator Shane Reeves, Mayor of Lewisburg Joe Bingham and Mayor of Marshall County Jim Boyd Liggett.