Sam Pugh Labor Day Extravaganza

Friday, September 7, 2018
Brad Skinner and his family pose after winning the 40-lap, $3,000 purse in the Sam Pugh Memorial Super Late Model feature race at Duck River Raceway Park on Sept 1.
Photos by Kim Griggs

Duck River Raceway Park

Saturday, September 2

Feature Results

Top 5

Dylan McCrary continued his successful season as he won his ninth Pure Stock feature.

Pure Stock

1. Dylan McCrary

2. Tim Wilson

3. Tyler Whaley

4. Steven Landers

5. Ryan Moran

Shannon Davis claimed the $800 to win 604 Crate Late Model feature.

604 Crate Late Model

1. Shannon Davis

2. Tyler Wood

3. David Seibers

4. Brad Skinner

5. Dustin Harris

Fred Prosser topped the Mod Lite field to grab his first win of the season at Duck River Raceway Park.

Mod Lite

1. Fred Prosser

2. Hunter Sanders

3. Jody Brannon

4. Bruce Davidson

5. Austin Cagle

Scott West celebrates another Pure Pony feature win with his grandchildren.

Pure Pony

1. Scott West

2. Paul Teachout

3. Trace Underwood

4. Matt Jackson

5. Paul White

Shawn Mitchell returned to winner's circle after earning the $1200 to win Street Stock feature event.

Street Stock

1. Shawn Mitchell

2. Brian Hudson

3. Brian Markham

4. Chad Winkles

5. Brent Steele

Super Late Model

1. Brad Skinner

2. Tanner English

3. Jadon Frame

4. John Ownby

5. David Brannon

Christian Hanger captured the Two Barrel Late Model feature event and took home the $800 purse.

Two Barrel

1. Christian Hanger

2. Randy Gifford

3. Matt Odeneal

4. Scott Cook

5. Jordan Judge

Dustin Hall parked his car in Winner's Circle after his fourth Dwarf division feature win.


1. Dustin Hall

2. Rodney Hall

3. Will Uzzell

4. Jason Miller

5. Dylan Hall

Mini Cup

Kaity Chumbley won her third Mini Cup feature in a row.

1. Kaity Chumbley

2. Jaylyn Jo Floyd

3. Mason Odom

4. Logan McClanahan

5. Reese West

Ryan Woodlee grabbed the lead of the Outlaw Pony division's feature and he never looked back.

Outlaw Pony

1. Ryan Woodlee

2. Jeremy Baus

3. Scott West

4. Bud Mullins

5. Seth Johnson

Tommy Campbell captured his first Emod feature win of the season.


1. Tommy Carroll

2. Blazz Trull

3. Brock Hall

4. Dakota Cheek

5. Clayton Groves

The 602 Crate Late Model feature was won by Colton Roberts.

602 Crate Late Model

1. Colton Roberts

2. Grayson Brewer

3. Neil Thompson

4. Mike Perigo

5. Corey Hibbard